Amazing Animal Adaptations Mobile Museum


Venom, claws, and stripes…Oh my! Explore these incredible animal adaptations with our live animals and amazing specimens from around the world.

Possible Activities (at the educators discretion)

  • Define Adaptation
  • touchables to reinforce what adaptations are
  • Read, “The Mixed Up Chameleon”
  • Camouflage Quilt activity




  • Live Animals: Yes
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Minimum number of students: 10
  • Maximum number of students: 30 per session at your school/organization
  • Intended Grade Level: PreK-5
  • Price: $150 for one program; $140 for two programs; $125 for three or more programs.
    For destinations more than 25 miles away from the museum one-way, an additional cost will be incurred.
  • Location: at your site