Be the Astronaut closing soon!

Prepare for lift off and discover what space travel is all about with Be the Astronaut on exhibit through Monday, September 11

The museum is closed to the public September 5-8. Beginning September 9, our hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Experience the wonders of space and plan a space mission, learn about the technology and math skills required to be an astronaut, and fly spaceships, pilot landers and drive rovers in this exciting exhibit. The exhibit includes interactive stations that encourage guests to learn basic concepts about our solar system, space travel, gravity and more.

Be the Astronaut puts guests in the pilot’s seat of a spaceship while providing a birds-eye view of real astronaut pretraining with the use of touch screen stations, artifacts and interactive simulator pods built to look like space capsules.

The exhibit includes:

Navigation Interactive Stations, where visitors can engage in mission planning as well as learn about orbits and Newton’s laws, gravity, etc.
Science Interactive Stations, where visitors can explore the equipment and technology needed to accomplish space travel missions and learn about rockets, space suits and space craft.
Flying Capsules, a dramatic big screen experience with pilot and co-pilot adjustable seating and controls. Visitors can launch rockets and land rovers depending on their given mission requirements.

Produced by Eureka Exhibits and designed by NASA engineers, Be the Astronaut is on exhibit from June 24-September 11. Entry into the exhibit is included with museum membership or general admission.