Howard and Dede Brokaw Research Library & Archives

The Howard and Dede Brokaw Research Library & Archives in the Collections and Research Division includes more than 10,000 volumes with an emphasis on mollusks, birds, and Delmarva ecosystems. The library is exceptionally strong in classic and rare systematics works on mollusks, as well as having substantial holdings of recent monographs, reprints, and journals. The archives houses field notes, correspondence, photographs and other material related to the collectors whose specimens are part of our collections. The library is not a circulating library.

The archives contain records relating to the museum’s specimen collections, as well as to the scientific work of the collectors and the museum’s scientists. The museum also maintains records relating to the local study of birds and mollusks, particularly those resulting from the work of citizen scientists.

Approximately 80 percent of the archives has been cataloged and the list below represents these collections.

Abbott, R. Tucker (1919-1995)

Date(s): 1971-1977

Field data records of mollusk specimens collected by Tucker Abbott and fellow collectors. Field data records show station numbers, dates, localities, tide conditions, times, water depths, water temperatures, collected by, and other remarks. Localities are Bahamas, Solomons, Fiji, New Hebrides (Vanuatu), West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia. Collecting dates include years 1971, 1975, and 1977.

Aslakson, Carl Ingman (1896-1982)

Date(s): 1973

Inventory of mollusks collected or acquired by Aslakson, which was gifted to the DMNH in 1973. Missing page one of the five page inventory. List organized first by superfamily, family and then by genera. Details include lot number, specimen count and location collected. List has been annotated by an unknown source.

Baker, Horace Burrington (1889-1971)

Date(s): 1902-1971

An assortment of Horace Burring Baker’s Books, with notation, bibliography, photos, and personal notes and correspondence.

Bartow, E.V.

Date(s): 1978

Field records of mollusk specimens collected by Bartow. Field records show station numbers, dates, localities, tide conditions, times, water depths, water temperatures, collected by, and other remarks. Localities are Philippines (Cebu) and Papua New Guinea. Collecting dates range from January through March though the year is unknown.

Berry, Samuel Stillman

Date(s): 1976

Collection consists of photographs of type specimens of mollusca, as well as index cards that correspond with photos. Slides 1-128A are of general mollusca and slides 129-162 are specifically of amphineura. Slides were developed in March 1976. Index cards state species and genus name, location, collector name and date, institute where specimens were stored, and journal in which Berry described photographed specimens.
Institutes include Standford University and University of Redlands. Some localities are California and Mexico.

Breithaupt, Marvin, P. (1932 – )

Date(s): 1960-1977

Ledger photocopy contains information on mollusk specimens collected by Breithaupt from 13 Dec 1973 through 26 Mar 1975. Collecting localities are mostly in the Panama Canal Zone. File box contains cards each with information for mollusk specimens collected on various dates during the 1960s.

Carriker, Melbourne Romaine (1915-2007)

Date(s): 1966

Field notes of expedition to Guaymas, Gulf of California, Mexico to study and collect Muricidae. Date range is 7 Jan 1966 to 9 Jul 1966. Also, a letter dated 27 Jun 2003 to Kevin Roe Curator of Mollusks at DMNH from Carriker giving a brief summary of the expedition and description of donated specimens to DMNH.

Chadwick, Albert, F. (1918-2012)

Dates(s): 1965-1996

Chadwick’s collection of correspondence and mollusk catalog. Series 1 – Correspondence with Rudiger Bieler, Martin Avery Snyder, Paula M. Mikkelsen, Francois Duckett, M.G. Harasewych, Taehwan Lee, Wiiliam Notto, Graham W. Strong, Maurice Veillard, and R. Wisniewski. Series 2 – Chadwick’s mollusk collection catalog. A guide on how to use his collection is included. The binder contains lot number, station number and location, date, genus name and state of mollusk when found. Dates range from 1965 to 1993. Also includes discard dates. The 511 stations listed are located primarily in the USA.

Dodd, William E. (1893-1975)

Date(s): 1957-1964

The William E. Dodd Collection contains seven notebooks/journals, in which Dr. Dodd recorded various items of interest concerning shells. Three of the notebooks, entitled “Gastro-[pods],” Bivalves,” and “Fresh Water Shells­ Land Shells,” contain information on various species. Other notebooks contain Dr. Dodd’s data, drawings of various shells, address book, and even a recollection of his trip to Europe in 1964.

Doremus, Esley C. (1888-1974)

Date(s): 1930s-1970s

Doremus’s personal mollusk collection information is held in three binders listing item number, species, location and other information. Binder #1 contains A-E, binder #2 contains F-J and the third binder holds duplicate information from the first two binders. More duplicate information is held in the seven boxes (four in drawers) where it is sorted by genus with most of the cards referencing to a binder. Most of the entries are not dated. Locations are world-wide. Two boxes of personal correspondence and one folder containing biographical information.

du Pont, John (1938-2010)

Date(s): 1969-1978
John E. du Pont and Russell H. Jensen’s field records with station numbers, dates, localities, tide conditions, time, water depths and temp., collected by, and other remarks. Specialties include gastropoda and bivalvia. Localities include French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and Australia. Collecting dates range from 1969 to 1978.

Ehrlich, Carl

Date(s): 1955-1975

Collection contains notes, data, and correspondence related to Ehrlich’s shell collection. Items within this collection correspond with the Mol. 007 collection which consists of 1186 lots of shell data. These lots are strong in the families Conidae, Strombidae, Volutidae and Cypraeidae. Ehrlich’s collection also contains shells collected by Vincent Cusumano in Australia.

Eker, Helene

Date(s): Unknown

Photographic slides of mollusca taken by Eker. Includes a slide index that gives specimen and genus, original slide number, page number, and DMNH slide number. Some specialities include Strombidae, Cypraeidae, and Ranellidae. Localities and dates unknown.

Falk, Lloyd, L.

Date(s): 1962-1975

Field cards recording field observations of birds by Falk and others for a variety of dates and locations, mostly in Delaware. Some cards record presence/absence and some record count of individuals seen.

Fernandez, Sergio Dates(s): 1973
Three photographic slides of molluscan specimens taken by Fernandez. Location is San Jeronimo, Puerto Rico and the dates are 27 and 29 Feb 1973. The slides show depth and where the specimens were found, i.e. under rock.

French, Jr., C.

Dates(s): Unknown

French’s Australian bird egg list which consists of a mix of common and scientific names and coloration. No dates. List has been annotated by an unknown source.

Gillson, Joseph Lincoln

Date(s): 27-Dec-84

Series 1: Donation of Cretaceous fossils from Gillson’s collection to the DMNH. Date of donation, 27 Dec 1984. Inventory list includes box# and contents (species name, quantity, and location). Specialties include Bivalves, especially Exogyra, and Gastropods. Localities include USA and Australia.

Series 2: Donation of Mollusca from Gillson’s collection to the DMNH. Date of donation, 30 Dec 1999. Includes an inventory list, sales listings with purchase receipts from the Fine Art Morrison Galleries which show species (name, location and more) and price; the lists are from 1972 and 1974. Specialties purchased include Conidae, Volutidae and Pectinidae. Worldwide localities.

Gordon, John G. (1876-1938)

Date(s): 1870-1928

John G. Gordon’s collection of oological and exchange ledgers; also loose species notes, correspondence and a manuscript. Gordon’s Oological Collection Ledgers (seven total), dates range: 1872 – 1919, with worldwide localities.Data in each ledger includes number (not always present), set mark, species name, collector, date, locality, incubation and remarks. Exchange ledgers (nine total), dates range: 1897-1904, 1910-1919, 1923-1927. The original hand-written manuscript was published in the Oologists’ Record, March 1, 1923, pages 7-17.

Grantier, Leona L.

Date(s): Unknown

Grantier’s mollusk inventory. Includes an index with box numbers, species name and page numbers. Dates range 1952 to 1967. Pages contain various notes with some showing shell drawings.

Harasewych, Jerry (1949-)

Date(s): 1975

Field data records which contain station numbers, dates, locatilies, tide condition, times, water depth and water temperature for mollusk specimens collected in Mexico. Collectors were Russel Jensen, M.G. “Jerry” Harasewych, Robert Robertson, Goldsmith and Chapman. Localities include San Carlos Bay and Puerto Penasco, Mexico and Venado Island, Nicaragua. Dates are June to July 1975.

Harasewych, Jerry (1949-)

Date(s): 1973

Field data records, four photocopies containing station numbers, dates, locatilies, and water depth for mollusk specimens collected in Barbados. Collector M.G. “Jerry” Harasewych. Dates are July 1973. Also includes possible number of specimen lots given to DMNH and ANSP.

Harris, Bessie B. Kimbley (1913-)

Date(s): 1950-1976

Harris’s 25 volumes of specimen field notes with index. Notebooks 3-25 include super-family, family and genus. Shell number, date collected, location and remarks. Index 1-2; Gastropods 3-14; Pulmonata 15; Amphineura 16; Bivalvia 17-23; Land and Fresh Water Shells 24; Cypraeacea 25. Collecting dates range from 1950 to 1976.
Localities are worldwide

Heilman, Wesley Marvin

Date(s): 1975

Inventory of mollusk specimens that coincide with two small notebooks from Heilman’s collection that were donated to the DMNH in December 1975. The 44 page inventory shows the lot number, species name, place collected and number of specimens in each lot; there were 20 cases in total donated. The 2 small notebooks give further information, such as, station number, location and date. Notebook 1 shows lots 1-299 and notebook 2 shows lots 300-1099. Inventory and notebooks are linked with lot number. Specialities include Arcidae, Trochidae, Cassidae, and Fasciolariidae. Localities include USA, Brazil, Fiji, New Zealand, and Mexico.

Hewitt, Vivian (1888-1965)

This collection contains records relating to multiple egg collections Hewitt purchased over time from other collectors.

  • Series 1: John “Jack” G. Gordon.
  • Series 2: A.H. Paget-Wilkes.
  • Series 3: Kenneth L. Skinner.
  • Series 4: D.F.S. MacArthur.
  • Series 5: Edward C. Stuart-Baker.
  • Series 6: C. French, Jr.
  • Series 7: Percy Rendall.
  • Series 8: Jeremiah Matthews Goodall.

Jackson, Ralph, W. (1894-1979)

Date(s): 1974

Papers from Jackson’s collection including ledger of collected/acquired mollusca, correspondence, and a paper on Ecuador land shells.

  • Series 1 – Jackson’s ledger containing a catalogue of specimens collected or acquired from other collectors. The ledger contains items 1-12936, species name, location, dates and possibly the names of collectors from whom he acquired shells. Species are land snails, localities are worldwide and collecting dates range from 1900 to 1976. Ledger has been scanned to PDF.
  • Series 2 – Correspondence.
  • Series 3 – Ecuador Papers (housed with Jackson’s Correspondence). One hand written copy and one typed copy of a paper titled: “New Land Shells from Ecuador”. No date. Four pages of hand written price lists; possibly showing number of specimens owned with species name and prices.

Jewell, Harold G.

Date(s): 1957-1960

Three catalogs of mollusca Jewell collected or acquired. Catalog volume 1 contains catalog number, identification (family, genera or other), presence of operculum, condition, date collected, collector and location. Catalog volume 2 contains catalog number, identification (family, genera or other), presence of operculum, condition, date collected, collector, location, substrate and depth of water. Localities are Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Fanning Island, Christmas Island, Cooper Island, Palmyra, Jarvis Island, Australia, Philipine Islands, Guam, South Africa, England, New Zealand, Texas, California, Mexico.

Kline, George F. (1907-1970)

Date(s): 1955-1967

Mollusk inventory of Kline’s collection. Includes collection number system, species name, name of collector, location and price. First list starts at 1-339, 385-838, 871-1339 and 1373-2400; second list titled Land Snails starts at 1-28, 509, 1056 and 1502. Worldwide localities. Photographic slides of mollusks from Panama, Ceylon, Palau, New Caledonia, and Brazil. Dates range from July 1955 to 1967.

Kline, Mary Clapp (1910-)

Date(s): 1972-1973

Index card collection refering to mollusk specimens collected by and given to Kline, includes species name and station number. A second set of cards contains information on each station with description of where mollusk was found, water depth and date. Worldwide localities. Collecting dates are 1937, 1941-1963, 1965-1966.

Lermond, Norman W. (1861-1944)

Date(s): 1889-1940

Ledger containing an index of mollusca collected or acquired by Lermond. Ledger includes inventory number, species name, number of specimens, condition, locality data, collectors and comments. Specialities include land snails. Worldwide localities. Collecting dates range from 1889 to 1940.

Linehan, John, T. (1920-2007)

Date(s): 1953-1967

John’s field notes, banding records and mist net records dated May 1951 to May 1967. Collection also consists offield notes of Paul W. Scharalbe (July 1962 to August 1962), Elmer P. Catts (June 1963), George CH (June 1959 to December 1959), Allen R. Stickley (January 1961 to September 1964), Robert Beck Jr. (June 1964 to September 1964), H. Hadaway (July 1964 to September 1964), Unknown (June 1964 to September 1964)

Long, Glenn Alan

Date(s): 1969-1976

Photocopied index of mollusca collected by Long. Index includes lot number, year, number of specimens, species, locality, time, date, collector, description where specimens were found and notes. Includes freshwater and marine. Dates range from 1969 to 1976. Localities are USA, Puerto Rico and Europe.

Martin, Paul S (1928-2010)

Date(s): 1947-1976

Sutton and Martin’s field catalog containing record number, listing of the age, gender, species name, date, reproductive organ size and color, weight in grams, fat condition, location and added notes from a bird collecting trip to Mexico. Also, correspondence between Paul Martin, George Sutton, and Gene Hess.

National Marine Fisheries Service Station Data

Date(s): 1971-1977

Photocopied data taken from National Marine Fisheries Service cruises in Pascagoula, MS (mostly) and Miami, FL. Data includes station number, date, position (latitude and longitude), depth, temperature, and gear specifics. All data appears to be acquired aboard the ships Bowers & Oregon II. Dates range from 1971 to 1977.

Parker, John Dyas (1915-)

Date(s): 1940-1960

Parker’s lists pertaining to his mollusk collection. Lists show species name, record number, donor/collecter, locality, condition, and size in mm. Localities are world wide and dates range from 1940s to 1960s. There are boxes of note cards separated into species and geographical zones to help one search the specimen listing. The four boxes separate the specimens by genus (in alphabetical order) and give the same information as the list.

There are two boxes for the U.S. and one box is worldwide.

Phillips, Allan, R. (1914-1996)


  • Series 1: Reprints of publications on bird collecting by Allan R. Phillips. Dates are 1974 to 1977.
  • Series 2: Correspondence, Manuscripts, and Notes on various birds. This series holds five field catalogs. Dates are 1922 to 1988. Locations are Mexico and the U.S. southwestern states.
  • Series 3: Field Notes, Correspondence, and some Articles. This series holds field observations notebooks, four in all. Dates are 1952 to 1986. Location is mostly Mexico.

Piech, Betty Jean (1919-2010)

Date(s): 1973

Three lists detailing mollusks collected by Piech in August and November of 1973 in the Bahamas (Great Exuma and Stocking Island) and Haiti (Port-au-Prince). Also, one Letter from Emilio Garcia, University of Southwestern Louisiana, discussing Cypraeidae and Conidae, 1973.

Poulos, Ann Michele

Date(s): 1977

Field records of mollusk specimens collected by Poulos. Field data show station numbers, dates, localities, tide conditions, times, collected by, and other remarks. Localities include North and South Carolina and collecting dates are from June 1977.

Rendall, Percy (1861-1948)

Date(s): 1919-1937

Rendall’s egg collection ledger, correspondence and loose papers. The egg ledger consists of number in clutch, species name, set mark and data. Dates are 1919 through 1937. Localities are world wide. Inside of front cover is a listing of the year, number of species, cluches, and eggs for 1913 and 1917. Also in the collection are two letters located in the ledger dating 1920 and 1937, along with a folder of more correspondence.

Roth, Barry (1942-)

Date(s): 1963-1969

Roth’s field notes from 1963-69, a catalog labeled “Shell Collection Numerical Catalogue” with numbers corresponding to labels with shells in his collecection identifying locality, collector, and date collected. Specialties include Gastropods, especially Buccinidae, and Chitons. Localities include California, Washington and Canada.

Seymour, Grace Mildred

Date(s): 1919-1936

Catalogue of mollusk specimens collected by Seymour. Columns include catalogue number, species name, locality, collected by, when collected, received from, when received, number of specimens and remarks.
Specialties include freshwater and marine. Locations are USA, Cuba, Jamaica, New Guinea, Mexico, British Columbia, Haiti, New Zealand, Bahamas, Ecuador and Nova Scotia. Collection dates range from 1919 to 1936.

Steger, Daniel D. (1906-1975)

Date(s): 1940-1975

Collection data for mollusk specimens collected by Steger. Specialties include deep sea mollusks. Localities are worldwide. Collecting dates range from 1940 to 1975. Card file of mollusk literature references. Box of photographs possibly of type specimens in the U.S. National Museum collection, without index. Correspondence and other papers relating to mollusks.

Stevens, Clarkson

Date(s): 1966-1969

Notebook listing mollusk specimens of Stevens’ collection. Specialties include marine mollusca. Localities are worldwide and dates are unkown. List starting 21 Feb 1966 – 3 Feb 1969 includes genus name, location, possibly names of people he purchased or received mollusks from. There are prices though unsure if they are written by Stevens himself.

Stuart-Baker, Edward C.

Date(s): 1925-1934

Three ledgers, lists and correspondence related to his egg collection. 1. Register of the Procellariiformes within his collection. Dates are 1925, 1927 and 1928. 2. List and notes of eggs purchased 1933-1934. 3. List and notes of eggs (Species index included). Alphabetical by genus and then by species. No dates or localities.

Walton, Munroe Lawrence (1890-1974)

Date(s): 1941-1973

Walton’s collection including his catalog, taxonomic lists, station records, data collected on Helminthoglyptidae, geographical and collecting notes. Also included in the collection is a folder containing biographical information on Walton, as well as photographs and correspondence. (Walton’s collection comes with instructions on how to use his catalogs.)

Wayne, Winston J. (1915-2012)

Date(s): 1949-1983
The Wayne collection includes field data cards, binders of bird lists for the Mid-Atlantic, general notes, and notes compiled by Gene Hess. Bird field data cards, years are 1949-1978,1980-1983. Information includes location, environment, other observers and other notes. Binder 1 contains lists for District of Columbia (also has Middle Atlantic States and Western Birds check-lists) dated 1949-1963. Binders 2-3 contain lists for the Middle Atlantic States dated 1958 and 1962-1968. Binders 7-10 contain lists for the Delmarva Ornithological Society (also has Middle Atlantic States check-lists in some binders) dated 1966-1978 and 1980-1983. Notebook of compiled information. (1949-1975) Gene Hess’s notebook tabulating dates of sightings by Wayne, used to show patterns of seasonal abundance. This is data potentially used for Birds of Delaware (Hess et al. 2000).

West, Richard L.

Date(s): 1961-1975

West’s bird field data cards and migration surveys in various areas of the state of Delaware. List of papers: Alapocas Woods 1965 – April through May; date and species name with sighting count. Halleck du Pont Pond 1965 – March through April; date, time, weather conditions and species name with sighting count. Hoopes Reserve 1965 – February through April; date, time, weather conditions and species name with sighting count. Delaware Cooperative Migration Survey 1966 – September 24th; species name with sighting count and map. Two photocopies of the May 10, 1975 DOS May Round-up; species name with sighting count.

Wright, Eugenia Isabel (1922-)

Date(s): 1970

The Wright collection consists of three notebooks and a folder. The notebooks are entitled Muricidae Worldwide, “Volutidae Cypraeidae” dated 1970 and “Worldwide (cont.).”Each of the notebooks contain a catalog of shells collected or acquired by Wright. Data includes species, size, and location. All notebooks are annotated in red by unknown person. The folder contains a list of details of each specimen included in Wright’s donation. Included in this data are record number, catalog number, family, genus, species, country/location, and general remarks. Also found in the same folder are photographs of various shells, notes, and a June 1995 copy of Yankee magazine.