Dude the Museum Cat

In February 2023, The Dodo, an online publisher of positive animal-related videos, shared social media videos they created in partnership with our team about Dude the cat ahead of his 15th birthday and 14th anniversary at the museum. Since then, the videos have been seen by millions, with thousands of reshares. Other media covered the story, resulting in more interest in Dude. In the process, Dude has made many new friends, with visitors coming from the region as well as Connecticut, Texas, Florida and more.

The Dodo shared the story again in spring 2024, with millions more views!

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Want to meet Dude? He’s only at the museum on weekdays – and often has left the building by 1 p.m. It’s always a good idea to call first.

Follow Dude on social media

Dude is on Facebook and Instagram, as well as making some appearances on the museum’s social media.

In 2020, in honor of Dude’s 12th birthday (and 11th anniversary of his time at the museum), this video compilation was created, featuring Dude in and around the museum, including hanging out downstairs in the facilities area. Special appearances by Buddy, his best feline friend.

This video was created in 2017 to celebrate the release of Dude’s third book, Dude Goes Exploring.