Expanding minds through science-informed professional development workshops

We believe that when everyone has access to nature and science, together we can make the world a better place.

The Delaware Museum of Nature and Science offers quality-assured teacher professional development workshops that help expand your science knowledge while providing opportunities to learn concepts, activities and techniques for immediate classroom application. Provided here is a list of current offerings. Additional programs are available to meet your curriculum needs or can be designed and implemented for you and your organization.

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Professional Development workshops

Program Title Grades Time/format Description
Healthy Together: Teaching Nutrition and Healthy Living to Children PreK-K One session, two hours. (Two credit hours) Healthy Together explores how to teach healthy eating habits, exercise and body awareness to children. Content for this class includes a review of current nutrition information, exploration of children’s literature and samples of activities, songs and games to enhance learning.
Seeing Science Everywhere: Animals and Their Habitats Preschool, K-2 Two sessions (three credit hours total.) Session 1: Two hours onsite or virtual. Session 2: One hour virtual. Participants will explore a variety of habitats and their characteristics including weather, flora and fauna of the region. Then they will learn the classification of animals that appear in varied habitats. Throughout the session, sample lessons for young learners are provided.
Science UP: Ecosystem Discovery Preschool, K-6 One session, two hours. Onsite at DelMNS or virtually. (Two credit hours)
Science UP: Ecosystems Discovery is a hands-on interactive tour of eight ecosystems; their weather, animals, plants so the participants can experience the differences and importance of each environment. Activities for classroom use are provided to enhance student understanding of various scientific concepts.
Science UP: Birds and Bugs Preschool, K-5 Two sessions, two hours each (four credit hours total). Onsite at DelMNS, virtual, or off-site at your location. This series of classes introduces practitioners to important facts about birds and insects in our environment. Hand-on activities and methods for discovery-based learning will provide techniques for immediate application of this information into classroom experiences.
Science UP: Earth and Sky Preschool, K-6 Two sessions, two hours each (four credit hours total). Onsite at DelMNS, virtual, or off-site at your location This program reviews the scientific concepts related to the Earth (water cycle, rock cycle, weather, layers of the earth) and the Sky (Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars). In addition to the scientific information, hands-on instructional strategies and activities are included during these sessions. Participants will receive support materials and have access to borrow kits for classroom use.
Heredity and Biological Evolution 1-4 One session, one hour
On site at DelMNS, virtually or offsite at your location
Hands on training of classroom ready activities to teach basic concepts of diversity of species, hereditary traits, adaptation to habitats and survival of the fittest.

Fee: $12.50 per credit hour. Some grant funding may be available.