Environmental forces hold our ecosystems and all living things in balance.

Diverse life evolves and adapts to a dynamic Earth. Explore some of the world’s spectacular ecosystems, including shallow, midwater and deep oceans, the Arctic Tundra, African Savanna, and Tropical Rainforest.

Arctic Tundra

An icy land of extremes bursts to life in the summer.

African Savanna

Animals roam through tall, dry grasses under a hot sun

Tropical Rainforest

Lush, warm rainforests teem with plant and animal life.


Vast moving waters give life to our blue planet

Artist’s rendition of the new Global Journey Gallery, created by exhibit designer Reich + Petch.
Fly through an artist’s rendition of the Global Journey Gallery, developed by exhibit designers Reich + Petch.
African Savanna – In Memory of Philip B. Weymouth, Jr.
Giants of the Savanna – In Memory of Preston Lea Spruance
Wildlife in Danger – In Memory of Peter D. Davenport
Oceans: Midwater – In Honor of Leila Saavalainen Steele
Whale of a Tale – M&T Bank and Wilmington Trust