While Delaware is small, its landscapes are diverse โ€”
and sometimes challenging.

Across the region, trees and plants are thriving and animals are on the move.

Stroll across a giant floor map of the state and explore the diverse ecosystems in the region, including temperate forests, dunes, salt marshes, the bald cypress swamp, and the Delaware Bay.

Bald Cypress Swamp

Tall trees in murky waters shelter life among their feathery leaves and submerged roots

Salt Marshes

Tides rise and fall where the ocean meets the land

Bayshore Dunes

A struggle for survival where the sea meets the land

Deciduous Forests

Mild seasonal climates and vibrant forest landscapes.

Delaware Bay

Lively underwater communities move to the rhythm of currents and tides

Thanks WSFS

Some of our live animal enclosures are in their native ecosystem exhibit. Thanks to WSFS for sponsoring the enclosures in the Regional Journey Gallery

Designated areas such as the Field Station, sponsored by the Fair Play Foundation, and the Research Headquarters (above), sponsored by DuPont, provide an opportunity for learning what is happening in our local region and beyond.