Exploring Extinction Discovery Tour


Travel back in time at the Delaware Museum of Nature and Science. Students will explore dinosaurs, fossils, and especially extinction through hands-on activities as well as inquiry-based learning. One of our stations even includes meeting some live dinosaurs!


  • ancestor scavenger hunt
  • fossil dig
  • what is extinction?
  • Meet a dinosaur


NGSS: 1-LS3-1, 2PS1-1, 2-ESS1-1, 2-LS4-1


  • Live Animals: Yes
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Minimum number of students: 15
  • Maximum number of students*: 125 students at the Museum, 25 per small group with Museum Educator
  • Intended Grade Level: 1-2nd grade
  • Price*: $10 per participant/student
  • Location: at DelMNS