Holiday Gift Guide

Curiosity meets creativity at the Delaware Museum of Nature and Science store.
Explore our curated Holiday Gift Guide, and discover a range of unique gifts catering to
nature lovers, science enthusiasts, and those who appreciate a dash of whimsy.

Here are just a few ideas. Visit the Museum Store to shop or to see our entire line of gifts. Gift certificates and memberships are available online or in person at the museum.

Give the Gift of Inspiration

Experiences make the best gifts! Purchase a gift certificate from the Museum Store for a program,
event, or camp. With a multitude of options,
you can find thoughtful experiential gifts for all ages.

Give the Gift of Discovery

This holiday season, give the gift of membership. Through December 31, save 10% on purchases of memberships (Level 2 and up).

Young Adult Adventures
Engage in thrilling and heartwarming tales with our YA Readers Collection featuring novels by Newbery Medalist and New York Times bestselling authors Carl Hiaasen and Erin Entrada Kelly.

Skink: No Surrender: $10.99
Wrecker: $18.99
Hello, Universe: $16.99
We Dream of Space: $9.99
You Go First: $7.99

Dinosaur Discovery Collection
Wear your dinosaur pride with this
exclusive DelMNS t-shirt, then snuggle up with a new friend for some dino-riffic reading.

Science Is For the Birds: $26.99
All My Friends Are Dead: $9.95
All My Friends Are Still Dead: $9.95
Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum: $18.99
Dig-A-Dino T-Rex Science Kit: $20.00
Plush Dino: $24.99

Nostalgia and Book Fair Gems
This curated selection invites you to embrace the magic of storytelling. Perfect for all ages, these nostalgic reads promise a trip down memory lane.

Everything All At Once by Bill Nye: $17.99
Bill Nye’s Great Big World of Science: $29.95
Magic School Bus Human Evolution: $18.99
Magic School Bus Climate Challenge: $7.99
Magic School Bus Solar System: $7.99
Magic School Bus Rainforest: $7.99
Jurassic Park: $9.99
Indispensible Calvin & Hobbes: $19.99
Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Set: $29.99

Cosmic Explorers
From telescopes to take a look at what’s above to astronaut-inspired goodies that make space taste and feel closer than ever,
these gifts are perfect for both budding astronomers and seasoned stargazers.

Compact Refractor Telescope: $41.99
Telescope Kit: $14.99
Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich: $8.79
Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream: $8.79
Astronaut Keychain: $4.99
Nasa Baseball Cap: $16.99
Nasa Mug: $20.99

Explore the Wild with Carl Hiaasen
Embark on thrilling escapades with Carl Hiaasen’s captivating middle-grade novels that promise a wild ride through the enchanting landscapes of Florida.

Scat: $8.99
Flush: $8.99
Hoot: $8.99
Squirm: $8.99
Chomp: $8.99

Nature Explorer
Explore the great outdoors with tools for hands-on wildlife observation and give composting a try.

Butterfly Stake: $1.99
Land & Water Habitat: $25.99
Compost Stew (paperback): $8.99
The Naturalist’s Notebook: $19.95
Melissa & Doug Let’s Explore Binoculars
& Compass Play Set: $18.49
Composting For the Absolute Beginner: $17.99

Discover Nature’s Winged Wonders
Celebrate the beauty of birds, explore their habitats, and toss your field guides into a handy field bag.
p.s. We have other field bags available too!

Bird Watching Kit: $24.99
This is a Book For People
Who Love Birds
: $16.00
Sibley’s Backyard Birds
of the Mid-Atlantic
: $9.95
American Kestrel Field Bag: $39.95
Birds of the Mid-Atlantic Coast: $9.95
Better Living Through Birding: $28.00

Greener Living
Embrace a greener, more sustainable lifestyle with books, utensils and more from the Eco-Friendly Living Essentials collection

Lawn Gone!: $23.99
Silicone Click Straw: $3.49
Recycled Newspaper Frame: $15.99
Bamboo Straw 2-Pack: $6.99
Bamboo Utensils – Hibiscus: $12.99
Bamboo Utensils – Pineapple: $12.99
Join the No-Plastic Challenge!: $16.99
Natural Cleaning Secrets: $19.99

Foodie Adventures
Ignite an interest in culinary creations with books and activity kits focusing on cooking, growing food, and kitchen science.

Black Food: $40.00
The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food: $19.99
Kitchen Science Kit: $20.00
Iqbal and His Ingenius Idea: $18.99
Edible Chemistry Kit: $24.99
Science Experiments You Can Eat: $9.99

Artistic Adventures
Unleash creativity with kits that combine art, science, and nature. Here are just a few of the ones featured in the Museum Store.

Solar Print Kit: $20.00
Pressed Flower Art Kit: $18.99
Sticker Painting: Animals of the World: $9.99

Deep Blue Tales
From the riveting exploration of great white sharks in Chasing Shadows to the poignant stories of connection and hope in Remarkably Bright Creatures and Sea Change, this collection captures the essence of the ocean’s enigma.

Chasing Shadows: $29.99
Remarkably Bright Creatures: $18.99
Sea Change: $17.00
Hand-Knitted Octopus: $8.95

Oh Poo
Resist the urge to put coal in a stocking,
and go for this instead: coprolite,
fossilized dung that’s millions of years old.
Because nothing says “I care” like a piece
of ancient poop…or a book about poop.

Poop: A Natural History of the Unmentionables: $7.99
Coprolite: $5.99