Welcome to Camp!

We are excited to welcome campers with a variety of new camps based on your feedback. Each day offers new and fun experiences including exploring nature indoors and outdoors, learning through play, hands-on experiments, games, stories, crafts, and making new friends! 

For this year’s summer camps, several themes are featured for different age levels and are adjusted appropriately for each developmental stage. New programs include Full STEAM Ahead workshops for ages 10-15. 

School Year Camps and Full STEAM Ahead Workshops

School Day Off camps for 5-11 and Full STEAM Ahead Workshops for 10-15: individual day options and Spring Break

Summer Camp for Wee Ones

Ages 3 and Under 

  • Wednesday Sessions: June 12–July 31 (No camp on July 3) | 9-10 a.m.
  • Thursday Sessions:  June 13–August 1 (No camp on July 4) | 9-10 a.m.

Summer Camp registration is open!

Please note: Registration for Summer Camps closes on Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. for the following week.

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Camp Scholarships

New on February 2, 2024: The Delaware Museum of Nature and Science is offering a limited number of partial scholarships for Summer Camp in 2024.

This includes half-day camp for ages 4-6, full-day camp for ages 5-11, and full-day Full STEAM Ahead weeklong workshop for ages 10-15.

To qualify, families must be in the EBT program and must submit a copy of their EBT approval letter for my EBT. P-EBT cards issued during the pandemic are not accepted for this scholarship opportunity. Scholarships cover 85% of the costs of the camp, including before and after care.

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Summer Camp: by the week Half Day Summer Camps: Ages 4-6 Full Day Summer Camps: Ages 5-6 Full Day Summer Camps: Ages 7-8 Full Day Summer Camps: Ages 9-11 Full STEAM Ahead: Ages 10-15
June 10-14 We Love Dinosaurs!
June 17-21 Jurassic Camp SOLD OUT: Pocket Monsters and Real-Life Monsters Science Spectacular
June 24-28 Critter Construction SubZero Heroes Pocket Monsters and Real-Life Monsters
July 8-12 Making Waves Monsters Unmasked Science of Sports
July 15-19 Aquatic Adventures Mystery at the Museum
July 22-26 Wee Wonders Nautical Nonsense Earth/Wind/Fire
July 29-August 2 Global Animal Adventures Super Silly Science
August 5-9 Awesome Astronauts Grossology Camp-ology
August 12-16 Blast Off! Wild Wacky Weather
August 19-23 Super Senses SOLD OUT: Astronomical Adventure How to Build a Museum

Cancellation policy

  • Prior to May 1: Refund minus administrative fee
  • May 1-May 31: 50% refund minus administrative fee
  • Beginning June 1: No refunds unless an extenuating circumstance

All camps must meet minimum numbers to run. If camps are cancelled due to lack of enrollment, transfer options or full refunds are available.

Half Day Summer Camps

Ages 4-6 | $175 members | $215 non-members | 9 a.m.-Noon | Extended care available

June 10-14 

Meet the dinosaurs in the PaleoZone and beyond. Find out who roamed the Earth and other fun facts about these prehistoric marvels. 

July 8-12 

Investigate the ins and outs of what covers 96% of the Earth: the oceans! From creatures to deep-sea exploration to sailing the high seas, we encounter many aspects of the ocean while having fun along the way. 

August 5-9 

Camp, the final frontier! This week is all about space. Learn about the stars, the planets, space travel, and more in this hands-on and exciting week of space camp! 

Full Day Summer Camp

Ages 5-11 | $290 members | $325 non-members | 9 a.m.-4 p.m. | Extended care available

June 17-21  

Explore the dinosaurs in the PaleoZone and learn all about the Jurassic era and its inhabitants through hands-on activities and games!   

What are the similarities between your favorite Pokémon and animals found all throughout the world? We’ll compare the worlds of Pokémon and ecosystems around the planet to turn your everyday adventuring into a real-life Pokémon hunt.  

Journey through scientific discovery as we explore various STEAM-based experiments, awe-inspiring demonstrations, and interactive activities. This workshop facilitates excitement and wonder for the spectacular world of science. This workshop is geared towards higher education learning, which may not be suitable for younger age groups.  

June 24-28 

Love to learn about how things are built? Animals are builders too! Discover the builders of the animal world and try your hand at building a few things yourself! 

Dinosaurs aren’t the only prehistoric animals we learn about this week! Explore the ice age and its many fascinating creatures in this deep dive into extinction and climate changes of the Earth.  

Come explore the similarities between your favorite Pokémon and animals found all throughout the world. We’ll look at the worlds of Pokémon and the ecosystems around the world to turn your everyday adventuring into a real-life Pokémon hunt.  

July 8-12 

Bigfoot, mermaids, Kraken, oh my! Discover the myths and legends behind some of the most notable mythical creatures and the real animals they were inspired by. Traverse the museum for inspiration to create your own legendary creature in this fun and imaginative camp! 

Games and sports are everyone’s favorite part of the summer! In this active camp, discover the science behind some of our favorite sports. From physics to anatomy to chemistry, learn about the science of sports while playing games and staying active!  

July 15-19 

Oceans cover the biggest part of the Earth! From our favorite marine mammals to what’s lurking in the depths, learn about our oceans through fun and play!  

Get to know the museum like no other, by cracking a mystery! Something mysterious happened during the night. We’re enlisting campers to help us solve the mystery using their acute sense of observation, love of fun science experiments, and some seriously creative thinking. Do you possess these skills? Then we need you!  

July 22-26 

You aren’t the only thing that’s small! There’s an entire world of science that’s so small we can barely see it! Uncover the hidden world of small things and learn about the amazing things that we can’t even see.  

Discover the ins and outs of what covers 96% of the Earth; the oceans! From creatures to deep-sea exploration to sailing the high seas, we will discover every aspect of the ocean while having fun along the way. 

Explore the elements and the sciences related to them in this dynamic hands-on week of learning through lessons and play. Break open geodes, learn about fossils, and explore water and air cycles in ways you’ve never done before!  

July 29-August 2 

From your backyard to the rainforests of the Amazon, to the coldest parts of the Arctic, animals are uniquely adapted to thrive in their environment. Join us on this week-long adventure around the world, as we use our new exhibits and fun activities to dig into the super awesome ways animals survive in vastly different environments. 

What’s better than messy, shocking, and stinky science? Exploring it at a new museum with new friends! Get ready for a week of wacky fun science experiments, games, and more. It’s time to get super silly, in the name of science!  

August 5-9 

Science can be fun, and it can also be gross. Explore how something we might think is gross could be the key to some important science in this fun and messy camp.  

Discover and explore some of the less talked about ‘ology’ in this fun week of camp. There are so many sciences to learn about, from anthropology and archaeology to phytology. We’ll learn about different types of sciences and meet a few scientists along the way! 

August 12-16 

In this exciting week of camp, go where no campers have gone before, space! Learn all about planets, stars, and space travel in this fun and interactive week of space camp.  

The Earth can get pretty extreme! Investigate tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and all other things extreme on our home planet Earth.  

August 19-23 

The five senses guide us and other animals through the world! Explore the science of Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell. How do animals that can’t see navigate the world? How does sound help animals in the wild? Through hands-on activities and lessons, we explore the senses like never before!  

Are you an astronaut in training? This camp is for you! Take a deeper look at space in this graded-up space camp for older friends. Learn about what it takes to be an astronaut and everything you need to know about exploring space!  

Encounter the museum in a way that can only be done through behind-the-scenes camp. Curious how we care for our animals? How were our exhibits created? What types of science happen here on a daily basis? Learn what it takes to create your own museum through the week with building and engineering challenges along the way. 

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Registration Policies

Please review the policies below.

Required forms must be completed, submitted, and received a minimum of three weeks prior to the start date of your first registered camp. If forms (and immunization records for summer camp sessions) are not received by that date, your registration will be cancelled per our cancellation policy.

For those registering for multiple camps, only one set of forms is required at least three weeks prior to the first camp. Campers may not attend camp until registration is confirmed by DelMNS staff.

All camps are subject to cancellation due to lack of minimum registration requirements, changes in public health regulations, or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a cancellation for one of the above reasons, full refunds will be provided.

All requests for transfers and cancellations will be charged a $25 administrative fee. A 50 percent refund, minus the $25 administrative fee, will be issued for cancellations between
May 1–31. No refunds will be issued for cancellations beginning June 1.

Please note: if during the summer camp season, there is a significant change in the public health status of our area, it will result in a change to how we manage camp. In this case, we will communicate to parents and guardians what options we can provide around their child’s camp registration.

My camper(s) and I agree to follow the following behavioral guidelines:

  • Show respect to other participants and treat them like I would like to be treated.
  • Show respect to DelMNS staff and cooperate fully with their instructions.
  • Know and follow the rules of the program.
    Respect the rights and beliefs of others and treat others with courtesy and consideration.
  • Conduct myself responsibly. I understand that horseplay, unwelcome teasing, or other unkind behaviors are not allowed.
  • Refrain from deliberately causing bodily harm to other participants or staff. I understand that pushing, kicking, hitting, or fighting are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Use all DelMNS equipment, supplies, and facilities properly.
  • Respect the property of others.
  • All camp participants must be fully bathroom trained.
  • Be fully responsible for my actions and understand that irresponsible behavior will result in disciplinary action.

The Delaware Museum of Nature and Science is dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience for everyone. To provide a positive experience for all participants and staff, it is important that everyone behaves appropriately. Have a great experience!